What You Will Fly

Our Adventure Tours are mainly geared towards using Light Sport Aircraft (or Recreational Aircraft as they are known in Oz) because they are incredibly fun to fly, easier to maintain en-route and also less expensive to run.  We lease the aircraft we use from flying schools or private owners and our current options are the fantastic little Tecnam P92 and the Australian Aircraft Kits Hornet STOL.

Tecnam Details

The Tecnam P92 EAGLET is a high wing, two seat, single engine airplane equipped with tricycle landing gear. The EAGLET is incredibly fun to fly, while enjoying the dramatic landscape of Australia.

Hornet Details

The Hornet STOL is a high wing, fully enclosed roomy two seat aircraft designed by a dedicated team at Australian Aircraft Kits in 2003 and has been in popular demand ever since and also huge fun to fly.